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Robinson Crusoe is set in the 17th century following 28 years of the heroic explorations of one amateur sailor Robinson Crusoe. Robinson leaves home after an argument with his father and sets to see only to find himself caught in a terrible storm.


Starring Kevin O’ Keefe (Robinson) and David Roberts  (Various)  

Created by David Roberts

Directed by Kallen Daynes

A BABA Audio Production

A Journal of the Plague Year is set in 1665 following one man's account of the bubonic plague which struck the city of London. Despite advice to leave he refuses to leave the city he loves and succumbs to watching those around wilt and suffer.

Starring David Roberts (Henry Foe), Bethany Barnes, Kevin O' Keefe, Ruth Page, Sebastian Storey and Tom Huxley Golden (Various).

Created by David Roberts

Directed By Kallen Daynes

A BABA Audio Proudction

‘Online’ follows a young twenty-something called Connor whose life is flipped, turned upside down when his phone develops feelings towards him. Features EastEnders stars Harry Reid and Sian Webber. Previously broadcast on BBC WM 95.6 on 25/03/2021.

Written by Emily Godbold

Directed by Kallen Daynes

A Pier Produtions Production

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